- You can use the SIM on your phone.
- Data, voice, text available. (Non-rechargeable)
- Additional data may reduce from voice usage.
- Messenger call is possible.


Type Price Use period
LTE 1.5GB + 50min 30,000won 12,000won 30 days
LTE 5 GB + 50min 60,000won 24,000won 30 days
LTE 10GB + 100EA + 100min 90,000won 36,000won 30 days
  • Making international calls in not allowed.
  • If you used all the quota (calls 100 min./texts 100), available period of use is deducted and all the service will be finished.
  • LTE speed 10GB + LOW speed Unlimited


- Receipt order(AREX) : Every in 24 hours from when the SIM is inserted into your phone 5 days / 10 days / 30 days apply.
- Delivery order : It will be opened automatically after 9 o'clock the next day of the delivery request.
- Country Lock mobile phone is not available, please check before purchase.
- You cannot purchase duplicates, and you can only use one card for each passport.
- DATA & CALL products are only available to foreigners. (내국인 및 한국 국적 포함 이중국적자는 이용 불가)
- Special crews such as crew members, crew members, USFK, etc. can be used after providing other ID cards.
- If the real name authentication and entry verification fails with the passport uploaded at the time of order, the use may be suspended. (No refund due to the reason)

How to use SIM

- STEP 1 Check if country lock is closed
- STEP 2 Visit pick up place Required Documents: Identification Card (Passport, Alien Registration Card)
- STEP 3 Receive SIM Card / Availability Test (You can use the service after checking the availability at the pick up point)
※ If the No service or No displayed, contact the customer service center (114 or 1899-6120)