About EG SIM card

With EG SIM card, you can enjoy:

  • Both voice and data with your own phone at affordable prices
  • Access to internet anywhere in Korea using Korea’s best quality mobile network
  • Various ways to recharge - through homepage, smart phone application and local convenient stores

Perfect for:

  • Tourists with smartphone who need or want internet access anytime & anywhere regardless of Wi-Fi hotspot availability
  • Tourists to South Korea who want to save on hotel’s internet charges

Joining Our Service:

  1. EG SIM CARD joinning Our Service Step1

    1. Get an EG SIM card

    You can easily buy online at your home

    Buy  Online
  2. EG SIM CARD joinning Our Service Step2

    2. Unlock your phone

    To unlock your phone, contact your mobile service customer center.

  3. EG SIM CARD joinning Our Service Step3

    3. Insert EG SIM card
    in your phone

    If your phone doesn’t detect the network on your first try, please turn off and switch back on to try detect again.

  4. EG SIM CARD joinning Our Service Step4

    4. Enjoy your mobile phone wherever you go!

    Staying connected to your family, friends and internet when you travel in Korea.

  5. EG SIM CARD joinning Our Service Step5

    5. If you used up all your credit, RECHARGE your balance

    You can easily & quickly connect back.

    Voice   Recharge