- Delivery Order : The SIM card will be activated automatically after 9AM on the next business day of the delivery request date.
- Country Lock mobile phone is not available, please check before purchase.
- For foreigners only.
- Supported Frequencies : 2100 MHz, 1800 MHz, 900 MHz
- 4G LTE Unlimited DATA product.(Speeds restricted to a maximum of 3Mbps after exceeding 15GB)
- 3G mobile phones cannot be used. (4G and 5G mobile phones can be used)
- Unavailable to use Call, SMS service.
- It is a non-chargeable product.
- m-VoIP (Kakao & LINE Voice Talk, Face Time, etc.) service available within the amount of data.
-SIM card can be shipped In South Korea only.


Type Price Use period
DATA ONLY 3 Days KRW 12,500 KRW 12,500 3days
DATA ONLY 5 Days KRW 19,500 KRW 19,500 5days
DATA ONLY 7 Days KRW 25,500 KRW 25,500 7days
DATA ONLY 10 Days KRW 28,000 KRW 28,000 10days
DATA ONLY 15 Days KRW 40,000 KRW 40,000 15days
DATA ONLY 20 Days KRW 44,500 KRW 44,500 20days
DATA ONLY 30 Days KRW 52,500 KRW 52,500 30days

How to use SIM

- STEP 1 Check if country lock is closed
- STEP 2 Visit pick up place Required Documents: Identification Card (Passport, Alien Registration Card)
- STEP 3 Receive SIM Card / Availability Test (You can use the service after checking the availability at the pick up point)
※ If the No service or No displayed, contact the customer service center (1899-6120 OR Facebook Message to ID 'EGSimcard')